Katherine Azanza Photography | Clarksville, TN | Fort Campbell, KY

Pre-Deployment Pictures, June 2014

Katherine Azanza Photography | Clarksville, TN | Ft. Campbell, KY

It’s not too late to book a Father’s Day Mini-Session <3

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Now that the moms have been spoiled, it’s Dad’s turn! Father’s Day is June 15th! Put down the tie and let’s give him something truly meaningful and creative. Yes, we all know that men (well all the men I know, anyway) hate getting their pictures taken. But once they see the end result, they never regret it! Contact me to book a mini-session before June 30th to take advantage of this deal 
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"When they released the soldiers, it was like I immediately got tunnel vision and just saw him…" 

It’s hard to not fall in love with this family  Read their story here. {Bonus: Personal images provided by Mrs. Waters to get the FULL story!} 

There is no safer place, than in a father’s arms <3

Katherine Azanza Photography

Moments. Like. These.

… Make staying up until 2:30am for a flight TOTALLY worth it. 

Katherine Azanza Photography

Fort Campbell, KY

That moment when a father meets his adorable daughter for the first time <3 

Katherine Azanza Photography

Fort Campbell, KY

"With four moves, three deployments, and flight school, it’s been exhausting, yet rewarding, all at the same time… It’s true when people say it’s the hardest, yet best job ever."

Absolutely loved getting to know this family. While Dad is serving overseas, the Rivera troop is holding down the fort at home. Click to read their story: